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Monday, August 29, 2005

Large post of links today

1. The Chieftains, The Rankin Family «An Innis Aigh»
2. Clannad «An Gabhar Bán»
3. Dougie MacLean «Feel So Near»
4. Solas «The Maid On The Shore»

Tracks 5 - 9 | 28.4 Mb

5. Mary Black «Both Sides The Tweed»
6. Altan «An Grianan / Horse With A Heart»
7. Old Blind Dogs «The Birkin Tree»
8. Dougie MacLean «Caledonia»
9. Mary Jane Lamond «E Horo»

Tracks 10 - 13 | 24 Mb

10. Ashley MacIsaac «Sleepy Maggie»
11. Natalie MacMaster «Catharsis»
12. Capercaillie «Fear-Allabain»
13. Seamus Egan «Weep Not For The Memories»

Tracks 1 - 3 | 24.1 Mb

1. The Immigrant
2. Down By The Salley Gardens
3. The Otter's Nest / Richie Dwyer's

Tracks 4 - 6 | 23.3 Mb

4. The Level Plain (Magh Seola)
5. Loftus Jones
6. Women Of Ireland

Tracks 7 - 9 | 26.7 Mb

7. The Legacy Jig / Tar Road To Sligo
8. The Black Rose (Roisin Dubh)
9. The Mountain Of Women

Tracks 10 - 12 | 27.5 Mb

10. Flight Of The Wild Geese
11. The South Wind
12. Lord Mayo


* Star Of The County Down
* Irish Heartbeat
* Ta Mo Chleamhnas Deanta (My Match It Is Made)
* Raglan Road
* She Moved Through The Fair
* I'll Tell Me Ma
* Carrickfergus
* Celtic Ray
* My Laglan Love
* Marie's Wedding

1. The Chieftains, Sting «Mo Ghile Mear (Our Hero)»
2. The Chieftains, Mick Jagger «Long Black Veil»
3. The Chieftains, Sinéad O'Connor «Foggy Dew»

Tracks 4 - 6 | 25.6 Mb

4. The Chieftains, Van Morrison «Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?»
5. The Chieftains, Derek Bell «Changing Your Demeanour»
6. The Chieftains, Mark Knopfler «Lily Of The West»

Tracks 7 - 8 | 21.8 Mb

7. The Chieftains, Ry Cooder «Coast Of Malabar»
8. The Chieftains «Dunmore Lassies»

Tracks 9 - 11 | 25.8 Mb

9. The Chieftains, Marianne Faithfull «Love Is Teasin'»
10. The Chieftains, Sinéad O'Connor «He Moved Through The Fair»
11. The Chieftains «Ferny Hill»

Tracks 12 - 13 | 17.6 Mb

12. The Chieftains, Tom Jones «Tennessee Waltz / Tennessee Mazurka»
13. The Chieftains, The Rolling Stones «Rocky Road To Dublin»

Tracks 1 - 6 | 20 Mb

1. The Dubliners «Whiskey In The Jar»
2. The Clancy Brothers «Beer, Beer, Beer»
3. The Clancy Brothers «Water Is Alright In Tay»
4. Clancy Brothers With Tommy Makem «Mountain Dew» — my favorite! icon_smile.gif
5. Clancy Brothers With Tommy Makem «Jug Of This»
6. The Dubliners «The Pub With No Beer»

Tracks 7 - 11 | 18.1 Mb

7. The Dubliners «Drink It Up Men»
8. The Dubliners «Maloney Wants A Drink»
9. Clancy Brothers With Tommy Makem «All For Me Grog»
10. Clancy Brothers With Tommy Makem «Galway Bay»
11. Clancy Brothers With Tommy Makem «A Jug Of Punch»

Tracks 12 - 16 | 19.2 Mb

12. Clancy Brothers With Tommy Makem «Tim Finnegan's Wake»
13. Clancy Brothers With Tommy Makem «The Moonshiner»
14. Clancy Brothers With Tommy Makem «The Juice Of The Barley»
15. Clancy Brothers With Tommy Makem «Whiskey, You're The Divil»
16. Clancy Brothers With Tommy Makem «The Parting Glass»

Tracks 1 - 4 | 28.4 Mb

1. Seven Drunken Nights
2. Whiskey In The Jar
3. The Galway Races
4. Black Velvet Band (Tooral-I-Addy)

Tracks 5 - 8 | 25.8 Mb

5. I'm A Rover
6. A Pub With No Beer
7. Never Wed An Old Man
8. Whiskey On A Sunday (Seth Davey)

Tracks 9 - 12 | 24.7 Mb

9. Peggy Gordon
10. Nancy Whiskey
11. All For Me Grog
12. Weila Waila

Tracks 13 - 17 | 24.3 Mb

13. Tibby Dunbar
14. Seven Deadly Sins
15. I Wish I Were Back In Liverpool
16. Dundee Weaver
17. Many Young Men Of Twenty

Track 18 | 17.6 Mb

18. The Leaving Of Liverpool (Live)

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Seven songs from Derry

My Girlfriend is from Derry so I spend quite a bit of time there. Here are some songs honouring Derry's part in the struggle. There are also a number of Derry songs already uploaded. Ray Collins - Michael Devine, Summerfly - The tenth Hunger Striker (Mickey Devine), Summerfly - Patsy O'Hara, Summerfly - Kevin Lynch, The Irish Brigade - Kevin Lynch and Recording of shooting on Bloody Sunday. More Derry songs will be posted at a later date.

Saoirse - Ballad of Ethel Lynch

Ethel Lynch was from the Bogside and joined the IRA like many others in her area after Bloody Sunday in 1972. She died while on active service due to a premature explosion.


Sheeben - Ballad of George and Pop

Vol George McBrearty and Charles Maguire died on active service in May 1981 during the Hunger Strikes after a gunfight with British forces.


Sheeben - Pol Kinsella

Pol Kinsella died in Long Kesh in Dec 1994.


Sheeben - Willie and Danny

Vol Danny Doherty and William Fleming died in Dec 1984 after been shot over 70 times by the SAS.


Summerfly - Derrys Streets

A song about Bloody Sunday.


Athenrye - Ordinary Sunday

A song about Bloody Sunday.


The Dubliners - The town I loved so well

A song about the changes Derry saw with the arrival of the British Army and their watchtowers.


Being from Dublin I thought I would post a few songs from that city. With such a selection though it was hard to pick favourites. This is the first of a number of Dublin themed days. Sorry to all you non Dubs out there!

The Jolly Beggarmen - Inner City Song

About the people of the Inner City being moved out to make way for High Rise apartments and their 'professional' occupants.


Damien Dempsey - Ghosts of Overdoses

Similar theme as the first song but this one goes further and discusses the failure of successive governments to address the drugs crisis in working class areas of Dublin.


Paddy Reilly - Farewell to Dublin


Ronnie Drew - Easy and Slow


Molly Malone

A song about Dublins famous street seller.


Saturday, August 27, 2005

Short Strand Video

A video made a couple years ago detailing the attacks on the small nationalist area of Short Strand in East Belfast.


Republican Socialist MP3s

The Republican Socialist Youth Movement have started a new forum so to mark this I have uploaded songs with a IRSM theme today. You can visit the forum Here

ps: I had descriptions made out for each song but my pc crashed and I lost all the info. Had to upload the songs again as I lost the links so I dont have the time to redo todays post properly. Am sure those downloading will know the story behind the songs anyway.

Ray Collins - INLA Freedom Fighters


Ray Collins - Miriam Daly


Ray Collins - Michael Devine


Ray Collins - Tribute to a Comrade (Seamus Costello)


Summerfly - Kevin Lynch


Summerfly - The tenth Hunger Striker (Mickey Devine)


Summerfly - Patsy O'Hara


The Irish Brigade - Kevin Lynch (Different Song to Summerflys)


Video of recent IRSM Hunger Strike Commemoration


Friday, August 26, 2005

Something Different Today

Irish Republican Media - RIRA Video

A video made by Irish Republican Media. This features footage of members of the RIRA training etc It has already been downloaded over 1000 times!


Irish Music Website

A site featuring MP3 and Video of traditional and folk music from Ireland.


Interview with Dan Keating

One of the most historic Terrace Talks of all was Weeshie's interview with the wonderful 102 year old Dan Keating from Ballygambon, Castlemaine Co. Kerry. Dan recalls vividly details from his life such as his imprisonment during the troubles, and remembers every Kerry footballer from Dick Fitzgerald 1910 to Maurice Fitzgerald 2000. This legendary interview is another priceless jewel in the Terrace Talk story.


Photos of Derry and Belfast

Some photos I took on a recent visit to the six counties


Song songs uploaded by Fitz. Thanks for sharing them! If anyone wants to upload mp3s please do. You can contact me by sending a pm to Alan at

"Aragon Mill" - Dolores Keane

"Follow Me Up To Carlow" - Jim McCann

"James Connolly" - Paddy Reilly

"One Shot Paddy" - Wolfe Tones


"Robert Emmet's Last Words" - The Alias Acoustic Band

Joe Banjo


Thursday, August 25, 2005

Brendan Behan - Who fears to speak of Easter Week

This is sung by the famous author and IRA member Brendan Behan live in America. About the Easter Rising of 1916 the song asks why some Irishmen were ashamed to speak of the events of that week.


Unknown - Barnes and McCormick

Barnes and McCormick were arrested in Coventry in 1939 after an IRA explosion resulted in deaths in England. Both were Irish Republicans but neither were connected to the explosion. They were sentenced to death and were hanged despite pleas from around the world appealing for clemency. They joined the long list of Irishmen murdered by the British Justice system and they are still remembered in Ireland to this day.


Unknown - O Donovan Rossa

O Donovan Rossa was born in Cork in the 1800s and was involved with the IRB and other organistions at that time. He spent years in jail where he was handcuffed constantly forced to eat his food like a dog. On his release he went to America and organised a bombing campaign in England. When he died his funeral was one of the largest ever seen at the time in Dublin. It was at this funeral that Patrick Pearse gave the famous oration which ended with the imortal line "They think that they have pacified Ireland. They think that they have purchased half of us and intimidated the other half. They think that they have foreseen everything, think that they have provided against everything; but the fools, the fools, the fools! - they have left us our Fenian dead, and while Ireland holds these graves, Ireland unfree shall never be at peace."


Cormac O Moore - Michael Davitt

A song about the famous IRB man who organised Ireland poor farmers against landlords and their rent.


Unknown - Shall my soul pass through old Ireland

About the famous Cork man Terence Mac Swiney who died after 74 days on hunger strike in Brixton prison, England. One of Irelands greatest political intellect his series of articles later published in book form as 'The Principles of Freedom' still inspire people today.


Recording of shooting on Bloody Sunday

The sound of murder.


Famine Walk Song

A song sung at the annual famine walk which commemorates the famine of 1845 which killed over a million Irish people. The famine occured whilst large amounts of food was taken out of the country by the British. Irish people would refer to it more as a great hunger or an gorta mor as it was a symptom of the political and social conditions of the day. I will post more famine songs over the next few days.


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Seven Songs Today

Brendan Behan - On the 18th Day of November

This is sung by the famous author and IRA member Brendan Behan live in America. It is about an attack by the West Cork Brigade led by the famous Tom Barry on the British Army in Kilmichael Co Cork. 18 soldiers were killed in this attack and it was the worst loss the British ever suffered in Ireland until 1979 when another 18 soldiers were killed at Warrenpoint, Co Down.


Gary Og - Pearse Jordan

Pearse Jordan was a member of the PIRA in Belfast who was shot unarmed by the RUC in 1992 on the falls road. Another victim of the British Shoot to Kill policy this has become a widely known song and no rebel night is worthy of the name without a rendition of it.


Irish POW's - Forever in my mind

A song about the ten hunger strikers of 1981 sung by prisoners in Long Kesh Jail. The recording was done in secret and smuggled out.


Irish POW's - Song for Marcella

This was contributed by 'Fitz'. It was also recorded in secret and smuggled out. See yesterdays post for details on this song.


Pat Woods - Irish Republican Army

This song contains references to some of the men and women who died over the years fighting for the ideal of a free and independent Ireland. This version has a kind of band hall charm to it.


Spirit of Freedom - Martin Doherty

Doherty was a member of the PIRA in Dublin who had seen service in England. He was shot dead by the UVF whilst providing security at a Republican function in Dublin. His actions prevented the planting of a bomb which would have caused multiple deaths in the small Widow Scallans Bar where the function was being held.


Andy Craig - A Prisoners Anthem

A song to remind us that there are Republicans out there who are still singing a Prisoners Anthem and who are still imprisioned for their beliefs. A powerful if fairly unheard song.


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Rebel Songs

Unknown - The lonely woods of Upton

An IRA unit of 14 men expecting similar numbers of British Soldiers to arrive on a train coming into Upton, Co Cork were met with over 50 instead during the war of independence. Three Volunteers were killed while another died of his injuries a number of years later.

HSC Pat and Sean - Ray McCreesh

Ray McCreesh was the third Irish Republican Army volunteer to undertake the Hunger Strike of 1981. He died after 61 days on the Strike and on the same day as INLA Volunteer and fellow Hunger Striker Patsy O Hara.

I wasnt Even Born

A young girl reminisces about what happend on Bloody Sunday. 14 innocent Derry men were murdered by the British Army. The bangs at the start are recordings of shots fired on that day.

Paddys Irish Clan - Fuck the British Army

A song in the style of the Pogues. The song title says it all ;-)

Traditional Songs

The Dubliners - Peat Bog Soldiers

Sung by Luke Kelly this is originally from Germany. It was peened by a German prisoner and was first sung by a Prison Choir as a protest. The song was soon banned!

Shane MacGowan - An Irish airman forsees his death

MacGowan recites the WB Yeats Poem over music.

"Those that I fight I do not hate, Those that I guard I do not love"

Modern Songs

Glen Hasard and Mic Christopher - The Whole of the Moon

Live cover version of the Waterboys sung by Glen Hasard and Mic Christopher. Christopher was the lead singer of the Mary Janes and was working on a solo album when he tragically died after a fall after a concert. Hasard is the lead singer of the Dublin band "The Frames". He played the part of Outspan Foster in the film The Commitments.

Outspan Foster: There's a band around called "Free Beer". Always draws a big crowd.
Derek: I like "A Flock of Budgies".
Jimmy Rabbitte: We have to be "the" something. All the great sixties bands were "The Somethings".
Outspan Foster: We could be... The Northsiders.
Derek: Or The Liffy Lads.
Outspan Foster: How about... The Fucking Eejits?

To Download the songs go to the link below. Scroll down to the bottom. Click on Free. Wait until you are allowed download. The zip file is 22mb. Enjoy!

My Favourite favourites

Rebel Songs

Declan Hunt - Cathal Brugha

A simple song about a far from simple man, Cathal Brugha. Brugha eulogised for his heroic stand at Easter 1916 was the first Chief of Staff of the Irish Republican Army. He died at the start of the Irish Civil war refusing to surrender.

HSC Pat and Sean - A Song for Marcella

Marcella was the pen name Irish Hunger Striker Bobby Sands used in smuggled articles from Long Kesh that were published in An Phoblacht and Republican News from 1978 onwards. Marcella was his sister.

Brier Folk - Kevin Barry

Barry was a member of the Irish Republican Army captured in an attack against British Forces in Dublin in 1920. It was the first attack since the Easter Rising which resulted in the deaths of British Soldiers in Ireland. Six of them died. 18 year old Barry was tortured in an attempt to find out the names of the other volunteers involved. Barry refused and was hung two weeks later. The Brits refused his last request to be shot as a soldier. The tune to "Kevin Barry" was taken from "Rolling Home to Dear Old Ireland".

The Wolfe Tones - The Foggy Dew

A song about the Easter Rising of 1916. My personal favourite out of all the songs about that period. The song was penned by a Rev P O'Neill from Dublin. I always wondered was this were the Provisionals got the nom de guerre for their army council. Some say Sean Mac Stiofain, the first Chief of Staff of the PIRA, came up with the name but that it was meaningless. I think its quite a coincidence. Was it a tribute to Rev P O'Neill?

Traditional Songs

Joe Heaney - Casadh an tSugain

Heaney was probably the greatest Sean Nos singers Ireland has seen. Sean Nos is a form of traditional Irish singing with no musical accompaniment. It is a style from the west of the country which sadly seems to be dying out. This song is one of my favourites of his but I dont know the story behind it.

Luke Kelly - Raglan Road

A song about love and rejection first sung by its author the poet Patrick Kavanagh. Kelly's best and most revered song. A song I remember learning in school as a child and one which still sounds new almost twenty years later.

Modern Songs

Declan O'Rourke - Last night in a dream

A happy song full of memories. O Rourke is one of the best up and coming 'Singer Songwriters' in Ireland today. My favourite of his sung live.

To Download the songs go to the link below. Scroll down to the bottom. Click on Free. Wait until you are allowed download. The zip file is 20mb. Enjoy!


Hello and welcome to my new Irish Music Blog. Through this blog I will share some of my favourite Irish music with the hope that some of the rarer songs may spread through the net. Songs will vary from traditional to rebel through to more modern Irish stuff which I will try to post every ferw days. Hopefully it will stand out among the many blogs out there and more than three people will read my efforts!! Ive always hated introductions so Ill leave it at that! Thanks for reading :P